Freelance Director & Editor - Moving Pictures
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Director's Reel
My Director’s reel features clips from recent work for a number of advertising agencies whose clients include Harley Davidson, Jaguar, Marketing Birmingham and AGA cookers; as well as some independent film projects. Notable works include the globally viral Chevrolet “Manifesto” and award-winning documentary “Francis B. Griffin.”
Strong visuals...
Strong visuals are important in the world of advertising and filmmaking, but where I can, I’ll endeavor to search out something real or a human connect, to add something that brings greater empathy to the viewer. Music plays a great part in how I work, although subjective at times, the right piece can bond the viewer to the visual and help them to immerse in the idea.


Automotive Reel
My Automotive reel features clips from Lotus and Hyundai work. Shot in various locations from studio to landscape by a number of top automotive specialist DOP’s.
Shooting cars...
Shooting cars in real-time is a great challenge and getting them to look dynamic and visually stunning is key for the client. Accessing experienced crew, with the right skills is foremost for me. It’s not just about great lighting and locations; rigging, courageous driving, inventive camera work and attention to detail make for great footage. Knowledgeable crew make it look so easy!



Always looking for opportunities to widen my horizons. I enjoy collaborating with creative teams and turning great ideas into moving pictures. I thrive on projects that center around people and telling their stories. I like filming cars too!

  • Directing
  • Self-shoot Directing
  • Editing
  • Post-production
  • Sound design

Speciality Genres
  • Documentary
  • Automotive

  • Location
  • UK & International

  • Software
  • Apple FCPX
  • Apple Motion
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Apple Logic X

  • Equipment
  • Blackmagic 4k
  • Panasonic AF101
  • Canon 5d Gopro



    My interest in moving pictures began at an early age when I would spend many holiday or any sick days I could pull at my parent’s place of work on Bristol Street, under the counter in Birmingham’s first video library. Equipped with a Betamax player and 7” TV screen and allowed to watch any film I could physically reach would nurture my love of film.

    My Father’s business was also one of the first to sell domestic and professional video equipment and he would bring video cameras and basic editing equipment home for me to play with at weekends. I have been filming and editing moving pictures in some way or another since primary school.



    Upon leaving school at 15, I took an opening for the role of studio assistant with my Father’s production company where I continued to work for fifteen years graduating from tea maker through camera assistant and 2nd editor through facilities manager and finally in house Producer Director.

    Always learning; exploring new and tried and tested filming techniques I take pride in delivering high quality results with a passion for producing great creative and innovative ideas. A self-taught editor I have developed an instinctive approach to putting pictures together, simply knowing what feels right in the edit.

    Unfazed by high profile, high pressure unknown situations, tight deadlines or challenging projects I‘m looking forward to extending my story telling repertoire into documentary and TV advertising.

    I am a proud father of two girls, and have lived in Birmingham with my wife for 15 years. I am a keen composer, musician and family historian, a lover of culture and travel and a self confessed workaholic.

    The Griffin family have run businesses in Birmingham on Bristol Street and Wrottesley Street since the 1860’s, I am deeply proud to be living and working in such an industrious and creative City.