The Grip of Winter


February 2016 took me 300km inside the arctic circle to Ivalo, Finland. The corporate commission by UK tyre manufacturer Davanti was to produce a suite of films documenting testing of their new winter range – Wintoura. The large scale production was not without logistical challenges, not least the remote location and sub zero temperatures. We had four days filming utilising 4 camera units including drone and tracking vehicle.

It was an amazing experience making this, with lots of great memories and thankfully the weather was relativity kind to us. My only complaint; not a fan of Reindeer meat, the vegetarian options in Ivalo are a little limited!

Here is just one of the films, a 90″ trailer for the a full length version which will be unveiled later this year.

Writer: Nick Primmer
Director: Paul Griffin
Co-Producer: Bernadette Griffin
DOP: Casper Leaver