The Manifesto


In December I worked for McCann PR Birmingham on a project for Chevrolet FC. The film shows well known players from Manchester United and Liverpool FC talking about the greatness of their club in split screen, symbolising the club’s unity through Chevrolet’s sponsorship and their historic rivalry. The film is has been released on social platforms ahead of their derby this Sunday. With busy training and appearance schedules, we had very limited time with each player, so a lot of careful planning went into setting up the shoot.

Speaking as an apathetic Villa fan, on first sight of the script I thought the creative was brilliant and the dialogue was dramatic but not half as dramatic as the social networks and media response to the online film has been. Given the pressure the crew and I were under, and the challenge I faced in the edit suite, I’m really pleased with result and although it’s had a mixed response its clocked up 300k+ views on youtube for ChevroletFC. I had a great time putting this together and all the players were real gents, but if I have taken anything from this project, it is this…you should never underestimate the ferocious rivalry in football or how candid a youtube comment can be!