Bear vs Tiger


Earlier this year, I worked with Triumph Motorcycles and McCann Birmingham on a suite of films for Triumph’s new bike, The Tiger XC. The Tiger is a beast of a bike and a lot of fun to film. With some help from Bear Grylls we put together an exciting shoot.

The two day shoot generated footage for a web launch film and another for the Milan motor show, plus three featurette web films. But you’ll find the best bits neatly packaged in a digestible 60″ Director’s cut.

Fixing cameras to the bike in enclosed off-road woodland was a little precarious, the good old GoPros took a few whacks here and there! We had a short window in Bear’s schedule to capture a lot of footage, so employed a few cameras operated by Ian Winstanley, Matt Wright and drone guys.

The first time I directed a drone was flying over 60 brand new F-type Jaguars in borderline weather conditions, so this time I felt a little less pressure, but the challenges were different, tracking and matching the speed wasn’t really possible in the time we had but we did manage to joust the drone and the bike at speed as close as was safe to. (Not close enough for me)

We rigged comms and sound with Bear through a helmet Bluetooth system, this worked a treat, I was able to give direction and find out what he thought of the bike as he was riding. I love having this kind of tech on shoots!

In answer to the question of Bear vs Tiger? In Bear’s own words, “I think I’ve met my match!”