Francis B. Griffin


This is my Gramps. I interviewed him last year when he was 91. We talked about his boyhood memories, education, naval training and war stories, his post war career, meeting his first and only love Diana, their marriage and starting a family.

His life has been rich with joy and sorrow and his positive outlook on life remains steadfast today. I asked him if he had any regrets, what he couldn’t live without and how he would like to be remembered. Although his recollections of life and experiences are lucid, the significance of his deeper ideals took the interview somewhere I didn’t expect.

Not just by making this film, but by talking and spending time with my Grandfather I have learned a lot, most of all; to understand where you are going in life, you must first understand where you are from.

Starring: Francis B. Griffin

Shot and Directed by Paul Griffin

Piano music performed by Francis B. Griffin

“Time to Go” performed by Billy Milton. Pathe Studio, London

Elgar’s “Nimrod” performed by Davis High School Symphony Orchestra MUSOPEN – Public Domain