Dec 15, 2014

“Francis B. Griffin” wins Best Documentary!

written by pg

Selected as part of a prestigious line up of true independent cinema, my film “Francis B. Griffin” won Best Documentary at London Lift-Off Film Festival 2014

The official selection was made from 700+ global entrants, and screened at the London Lift-Off finale on the 6th of December in Soho, Central London. The film was voted on by the attending public at screenings running up to the awards and will now be screened at Liverpool, Amsterdam, Los-Angeles, Las Vegas and Tokyo Lift-off festivals through 2015.

“Everyone who watched it, had it as either their first favourite film or their second. The film never dropped a single point.” London Lift-off 2014 Review


The award was completely unexpected and a little overwhelming. I was asked to take part in a Q&A after the ceremony; people seemed genuinely moved by my Gramps’ story. I was asked why I made the film, I said that I have spent a lot of time listening to Gramps over the years, and have always thought it would be amazing to record his words for posterity and for him to leave some kind legacy for future family generations. I had no idea the film would have a wider reach than this. I spoke to him the morning after the awards on the phone; he said “Well I never! I just sat and talked about myself for a couple of hours, you made it into a story. Congratulations.” I said, “There is no story without you Gramps.”

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Thank you to everyone who have taken the time to watch the film and tell people about it! I’m really chuffed that my little film about a “bit of a codger” from Olton made it onto a Soho cinema screen and brought home some glass to boot!

Read the London Lift-off 2014 review here.

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