The British Heart Foundation – Stories of Loss

Commercial TV, Documentary

For the past couple of months I have been up and down from London working with some very lovely people at Royle Productions and Ad agency, Arthur London, to direct a TV commercial for The British Heart Foundation. The 90’’ TVC is a DRTV piece designed to encourage people to donate £3 a month to The BHF. A simple idea featuring real life experiences of families that have lost loved ones to heart disease; entitled “Stories of loss”.

I have learned a lot about heart disease in the process, not least that it can affect anyone at any age. I’ve also had the privilege of interviewing some brave people who have been recently bereaved. Bereavement has been the most difficult and sensitive theme I’ve covered in an interview scenario so I didn’t go into the project lightly. I met or spoke with all of the volunteers prior to filming, to get to know them and make sure I understood their sensitivities. They all gave incredible interviews sharing some very private and personal thoughts with the cameras and myself.

The day of shooting was tough for me, but nothing by comparison to what the volunteers have endured emotionally. I‘m not sure I could have spoken on camera the way they did. There were many tears and lots of hugs and cups of tea.

It was a very emotional shoot supported greatly by a very hard working and sympathetic crew. I’m proud to have spent some cathartic time with some very courageous people and have been truly humbled by their human spirit and resilience.

I hope you can find the time to watch, and maybe share amongst your friends and colleagues. The British Heart Foundation is a worthy cause and every little exposure helps them to raise money for research.

The TVC is currently airing throughout the UK.

Production Company: Royle Productions

Director: Paul Griffin

DOP: Conor Connolly

Editor: Claire McGonigal

Voice: Michael Lindall

Composer: Ben McAvoy