I will be with you – Chris Tye


Back in November of 2012, I managed to keep a promise to an old friend and fellow musician Chris Tye. Earlier that year Chris had seen my film documenting the arrival of my firstborn Bethany and expressed an interest in working together on a film to accompany one of his songs.

My response was a definite yes, as long as the song was important to him. Chris suggested a song inspired by a letter he had written to his newly born daughter Daisy, some three years previous.

The poignancy of Chris’ idea resonated with me for obvious reasons, and gave me plenty of energy to try and create something visually memorable that lived up to the quality of his music, and at least something meaningful and treasured for Chris and his family.

Chris is a refreshing and gentle character, qualities that shine through his songs. It was a real pleasure putting this together for him. I hope you like it.

PS. If you want hear more of Chris Tye go to twitter.com/chris_tye_music or facebook.com/christyemusic